Day 196: Sunday with NFL

Mariah wanted to watch the NFL, and the first game was 10ish! So I was up early 9ish on a Sunday.

We had the tell-tale chirp of the smoke alarm to wake us this morning. The battery I installed three years ago was dead. The instructions are on the backside, so I got out a chair and removed the smoke alarm to read the instructions–kind of silly to put the instructions in the only place I cannot reach. I ordered expensive extra-life batteries on Amazon and will re-install it later. The detector is currently running on batteries in the bathroom.

Susie had some issues this morning, and I had some laundry to do. She was OK.

Corwin left this window open, and the house was well aired-out and 63F. I closed his window and turned on the heat back on. We are comfortable again.

After getting dressed and dealing with a chirping smoke detector, I had a few minutes to work on my 3D printer. I managed to get the Z-axis installed in the 3D printer today. I am now to the power supply and wiring, and that did not seem like something to rush and then stop and watch football. Maybe Monday.

We could not get the Eagles game as, despite the expensive cable I have, it looks like you have to buy CBS access to get all the games! I was surprised as I thought I had all of the NFL. It was fine to watch the 49s instead. It was a good game.

After the game, Mariah and I had a beer and lunch at Golden Valley Brewery. Their food is good, and they seem to make the extra effort to keep you safe. I had the cob salad, and Mariah tried the swiss mushroom burger, my usual.

Aside: We learned today that the Proud Boys rally and their attempt to bring some more beat-down on liberal Portland on Saturday failed to attract many Proud Boys. Rumors are the rally attracted just a few hundred folks. The left-wing social media did say the Proud Boys did at least managed to raise $30,000 this weekend to pay for their legal bills. Apparently, the Proud Boys are facing multiple lawsuits from Portland-based groups.

I returned home and rested, and made dinner. I made our German styled Goulash. I made some pasta to go with it.

I also managed to find the time to watch another episode of Lovecraft Country. I do like the show, but it has drifted far from the book I enjoyed so much. I have no idea where it is going now. Again, if you like the Hollywood version of an African American experience of horror set in the 1950s this is great.

Mostly just a quiet day. I read more of Circe and I am still liking the book.

And I have been trying to find an excuse to put this in a post. Just something silly while I am thinking of returning to work on Monday: You’ll Be Back.

It is reported that more than two-hundred seventy people lost their fight with the virus in the USA today.

I went with Stand By Me for the song for today. Methodist Hymnal # 512.


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