Day 197: Monday Head Down

Today I spent the whole day coding and installing changes by hand. It is fun for a computer person to be a programmer again and just have to code and assemble software. I did that all day. I did only one Zoom meeting today; they need me to help with another issue with the software. Thus all day, I was doing technical work. I like this kind of work but seldom have an opportunity to refresh all those coding skills.

I started at 6ish this morning, which came sooner than I like. I was not too tired this morning. I worked through the email and reading some designs to comment on them.

I then blocked my calendar for the whole day and sent out a couple of the messages that I would not be available today. I followed by beginning the coding and technical work.

I broke-out my cool USB-powered spare monitor and used two screens for today; I am returning to a developer! I had the software developer tools on one screen on my laptop and the direction for installing the changes, often line-by-line code, on the other screen. I then put email and message behind the instructions on the other screen so I could follow the unrelenting emails and messages without having to change focus on the other screen. My Apple computer is the third screen and the second keyboard I used today for ordering lunch and following current events.

I ordered a new screen as my current one is older and not as easy to read. It works well for Unix systems, so I will still need it. I just believe that the things you read with your eyes should be easy to read!

Work at Nike computer group uses a work styled known as Agile. Work is split into sprints, and the current sprint is ending. I am trying to finish all of this work before the sprint ends.

I will not go into the details, likely very dull for most people, and just say that I finished my last change at 5:30ish today.

I did manage two short breaks. I went for a walk after lunch, and I stopped for thirty minutes. Mostly, I was coding. Lunch was a lamb gyro from Gyro House not far away.

Dinner was Chinese delivered from Stir Crazy Kitchen just a few minutes away.

Susie’s cousin’s kids are girl scouts now in Boston and we received an email for the chance to support them today. I bought some products to be shipped. They have cartoon images on the email of themselves in 2020.

I then went to read and ended up taking a long nap.

This will be a short, somewhat boring worked-centric blog. These kinds of days happen.

Today more than three-hundred fifty people are reported to have died from the infection.

Sometimes I randomly open the Methodist Hymnal and then try to find something on youtube that fits: Kyrie Eleison. Today that worked well, #483.

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