Day 198: Tuesday Hot and Sunny

Today is Tuesday, so it is a rush in the morning. Sleep was hard to reach last night, so 6ish came, and I was feeling ok. I got online and brought up my Nike laptop with the space monitor I am now using and got through the emails and messages and started my day. Coffee started, meds taken, and then rush to the shower to make the 7AM first Zoom call.

Three more Zoom calls, bagel acquired, toasted, cream-cheesed, and consumed during. Lots and lots and even more coffee is required. The work is not very interesting, and I am looking at 8 hours of sleep in two days, not 16!

My legs do not seem to work right and are very stiff. I slip-out after the morning calls and walk for twenty minutes. I feel better but now more tired–now I have a reason at least.

It is already hot and sunny as rainy has been delayed until October as usual here. The four days of rain was just a call to action to get the gutters ready and prepare to be wet. The sky is the normal darkish blue with no signs of smoke today.

The crows and all the animals are out, and the spiders are clearly starting their own horror movie. I cut the web that is on Air Volvo–a 1/2 inch spider thought Volvo attracts bug. I look up, and the strand of wire on the poles has huge spider webs hung between the top wires about four feet across. The spiders, a brown dot on the wire, are the size of a quarter–just the body, have hung a web about two feet across from slender support lines looking like a flat tent floating between the wires. I have never noticed the spiders on the cables before.

I was going to make my lunch, but the tired get to me again. I order Mexican, but I was not happy with it. I will need a new place.

I have some more writing to do for work and get some thought down and shared. We have a demo of some new software that is perfectly executed. Finally, one of my directors gives a coffee meeting, a thirty-plus people show-and-tell Zoom meeting at the end of the day, that introduces our team and all the cool work. It is a chance to do all that polish you read about. She does a great job while we answer questions in the chat.

The Schwans truck lets me restock. Dinner is now arranged. Dinner was Chicken Cordon Blue, frozen from Schwans, and green beans, also from Schwans.

We watch the debates today. I am not sure I will watch the next one.

The moon is reddish tonight meaning the smoke is returning. Just a bit of haze and not expected to bring bad air. We have a new air filter and the N95 masks are ready.

My neighbors dropped by, with much care, a nice set of garden-grown tomatoes.

On this night of the debates where the President again denied the science on Corvid-19, more than nine-hundred seventy people passed away from the infection just today in the USA.

Today I wanted to honor other traditions today and picked out Psalm 23 in Hebrew in a recent video.

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