Day 287: Christmas 2020

Today started about 8ish with me making breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and crisp bacon. Susie’s fav. I made myself toast with Orange Marmalade, my fav, but I do not have a low sugar version, so this is a once in a great while treat.

Susie was up in time to talk to her sister’s family and mother for Christmas. We then found all the presents and opened them. All the gifts this year were well thought out and useful. Thanks!

I made Christmas dinner while Susie watched a musical. Mariah came over, and we put on masks, and she helped me make dinner. We had an early-ish dinner of ham, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots, and that green bean-soup-onion topping side.

We watched Wonder Women 1984 while having dinner. I will not say anything about the movie as others will want to watch it today. The Doctor Who special is New Years’ this year.

Susie was feeling better today. I am tired as I have slept poorly these couple of days. Mostly staying up too late reading or talking.

Scrooge is playing now, out third movie today! I also received a book for Christmas, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, by a fav author from the Smith family and I started. I find these books hard to put down.

Susie is watching James Bond movies. One of the channels is running them without commercials.

The day is already fading, and like all Christmas, it disappears fast. I have not much to say other than…

Merry Christmas from here in lockdown in Oregon!

2,835 people died this Christmas day in the USA from Covid-19. The terrible surge in deaths and new cases in Oregon is now on the way down.

Silent Night, played by John Nilsen, is the music for Christmas.


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