Weekly Blog September 27, 2021: Countdown Monday

Today is my last working Monday until 8Nov2021 started with me sleeping in a bit, getting ready, and making my first meeting. No status meeting, but an alignment meeting. Actually, all the meetings were more about alignment than status today as the data conversions and testing move on.

I will not detail just a typical working day with various discussions and only a single crisis of the moment. It was a pleasant Monday, and I was not tired or frustrated at the end at 5ish.

To avoid the extra expense of GrubHub or other delivery services, I settled for can soup; today, I had crackers to go with the New England Clam Chowder. I spent lunch listening to Nerd of the Rings videos on the histories in Lord of the Rings.

I did forget it was Monday, and Susie appeared, and then we had only thirty minutes to get her ready. We just made it. Susie had her spa appointment with Zeriada today and then brought home a Happy Meal, except it had fries; no apple slices!

During the last meeting, a large 300+ Zoom meeting, I started dinner. Again, I tried the Japanese-style one-pot curry chicken with rice. It needs more salt, but other than that, it came out well. Chicken thighs are cooked in the pot in oil until slightly brown (not fully cooked). Garlic, ginger, nutmeg, green curry powder, and onion are cooked and mixed with washed plain rice. Add a few potatoes peeled and diced with sliced carrots. Add a lot of broth. Bake for 375F for about an hour. Not bad for a raining cold Oregon fall day.

I cooked and cleaned watching Doctor Who the first season. I have HBO Max and decided to watch all of the BBC show again. So far, I have enjoyed the show again.

By the way, I tried to go for a walk in the rain this morning, but the UPS truck dropped off my new docking station for my Apple M1 laptop. So I now have more than two USB plugs and new headphone options besides Bluetooth. In addition, my backup device now is plug into the docking station instead of the last port on my laptop. It was expensive but is the newest technology and should live as long as my laptop lives.

I have picked any music in a while and thought it best to select John Nilsen‘s Morning Has Broken to get back into the habit. I hope you liked the blog, and thanks for reading.

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