Tuesday-Wednesday Daily Blog 28-29 Sept

Working backward this time, I am just up from a nap and reading. I stopped by one of my fav places to have their beer: The Hair of the Dog. There Adam beer is some of the best beer I have found. It also has a high alcohol content, so it comes in smaller glasses. Thus a nap was often required. Again, I had their Brewer’s Plate, and this time it was terrible. They have not got the food working yet–if you are there, stick to nuts!

I preceded the drink with a visit to Guardian Games. They are still not renting rooms or having open gaming. I miss playing in their rented spaces and open spaces! I did purchase a 28mm scale siege weapon that was 25% off. A already painted and ready to use catapult for tabletop play!

Before, this was a medical test. I brought a picture of a cat with me. The operator of the CAT scan did not think it as funny as I did. CAT scans are quick and easy.

I enjoyed Portland traffic with Air Volvo from Beaverton to reach Good Sam hospital for the test. Traffic was slow, but I gave myself plenty of time. I was thirty minutes early and read my Kindle in the car until time for my appointment.

I should comment on that I am using a new app, Parking Kitty, to pay for parking. It means I do not have to play with the uniquely user-unfriendly Portland parking machines. The parking machine must have your plate numbers, and usually, you can not see your plates (I never remember it), and often I type one of the letters in my plate number wrong. I notice after it charges me, of course. Now the app avoids this.

Before this trip, I made Susie dinner and rested a bit. I also got some gas in Air Volvo and washed it in a car wash down the street. The winter dirt was showing a bit.

This morning, I got going at 6 to get Susie to her medical test in Portland and at Good Sam. So, yes, I had to take Air Volvo to Portland twice. Susie’s test was over quickly, and we got back. I picked up a breakfast/lunch for us at McDonald’s. Susie loves the apple fritter.

Moving to yesteray, Tuesday ended with us staying up late with the David and Michelle Smith seeing the new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi. This was the second time for Susie and me, and we still loved the movie. The action is still fun to watch. We went to Movies on TV theater and we were the only folks in the theater.

Before this, the Smiths surprised us with a text saying lets do a movie. We had then had to find one and agree to meet. We picked, actually David did, the one that was the best for the big screen.

I will then cut Tuesday a bit as it was mostly various status and align meetings for me at the shoe company. Just a normal day.

The change of the seasons are always a bit abrupt here in the Greater Portland Area. We were sunny and 85F+ just a few weeks ago. Now it is coats and hat weather. I am back to wearing my coat and hat. The giant slugs are back! This slug was twice as long when fully extended!

My roses are trying to get those last Fall roses out. Mister Lincoln is almost ready with a perfect red rose.

I think all the aphids froze or drowned! I usually don’t have perfect leaves and a bud with no dots on it from aphid feeding.

I will not include medical stuff here. I have more tests and follow ups.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the story of living during a pandemic in the PNW, USA.


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