Sabbatical day 11: A Good Day

Susie was much better today. She said it was like she was no longer behind a screen and herself now. Physical Therapy had her out of bed and stand and walk in a walker to the door and back. Previously, on Saturday, she could not stand when I called the EMTs.

Mariah returned without incident to Oregon and picked up Air Volvo, and returned the car to the Volvo Cave.

Harriet Olson of the United Methodist Women, a slightly independent organization in the United Methodist Church, has a studio apartment to use at 104 street. I will make a donation to cover the cleaning costs and whatever I can afford. I will try to be at the apartment in the next few days.

Kat and I had a massive dinner at a local Italian-styled place off of Ninth Street (Just next to the Irish place I ate at with Mariah).


The only thing that really went wrong was I slept into 8ish and then had a pastry that Mariah got me. It was cream-filled and sort of exploded when I absentmindedly bit into the thing while writing this blog. I am happy nobody saw that.

New travel rule: Approach all unknown breakfast pastries with caution. It might be loaded.

I delivered a stuffed animal to Susie; Mariah bought her a Hedwig owl at the Harry Potter store. Susie was overwhelmed by seeing it. I think that helped bring her back as everything else, the hospital room, the food, the sounds, and the smells, were all new and a bit scary, and so a small friendly Hedwig just made her feel like herself again.


It was a good day here in NYC. I had to check out and check back into the hotel. They recleaned the room as it is now a new reservation.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness and all the help we are receiving.

Susie is accepted into Rehab at the hospital. She will not have to be transported.

I suspect I will get to be an accidental resident for about two weeks.


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