Sabbatical Day 12: Learnings

I managed to sleep a bit last night. I find hotels hard to sleep in as the sounds wake you up in a strange bed repeatedly. I started with the new day at about 7:30. I managed to write the blog for Tuesday’s first off. I had to dress and get to the hotel-supplied breakfast to get a cup of coffee and yogurt by 9. I had another pastry cream-filled that I was cautious with. That and coffee and yogurt had me ready.

I then headed to the hospital to see Susie by Uber. I was not ready to walk 16 blocks this morning. I managed to get there just after 10, and there was no line to get through the approval process. Susie was not as bright as she was the day before, but she was still back. Susie was tired of being alone in a hospital room and wanted to go home. I understand.

We were met by the dietician intern, and she was surprised to speak to a retired dietitian. She took food information from Susie, and they talked about the intern experience. Susie is back.

I could not wait for the doctors today, and Susie was not allowed water or food as she had a CT scan, and food and water were not allowed. So I headed out to find the new apartment off of 104. I took the subway. It has been a long time since I have done this. I have an app that is a map of the system and used that to find my way. I can also use my iPhone to pay the fee, making it very easy to use.

I was surprised by the number of stairs, but I managed. I found the 1 train uptown and managed to get off at the correct station. I found the apartment, and it is very nice. A day bed with a kitchen. Bedding and plates and pans are available. I managed to use the internet too. I will move in tomorrow.

Lunch was a hard choice. I found a Chinese place near the subway entrance. They spoke very little English, and I discovered I had in error had a to-go order. I could not fix that unless I paid $2. So I did, and they showed me to a table and poured me water to drink. The food was good, but it was a strange experience.

I took the 1 train back downtown, walked the four blocks to Mount Sinai West, and returned to Susie. Susie was sitting up and having a late lunch in a chair when I got there. She was still grumpy, but she looked better.

I hung out with Susie until about 5ish. I made some Facetime calls with friends to help Susie not feel so alone. Everyone was happy to talk to Susie. I said my goodbye to Susie, and Susie was trying to be brave. It is hard to be alone in a strange place!

This time no Uber for my return to Times Square; I walked back to the Columbia Circle station and rode the subway 1 Train back to Times Square. I then walked back to the hotel; this is about six blocks total. Finally, reaching the hotel.

I then started to pack and rested a bit.

Lastly, I headed to the Beer Authority for dinner and a place to write. I will return to the hotel soon to pack and read and try to sleep. One last night at Times Square.


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