Sabbatical Day-15: Finding Normal on a Saturday

The morning (I am writing this after getting a night’s sleep on Sunday morning) was rushed. I tried to sleep into 8ish but woke up over and over, so I finally started 7:45ish. Shower and dressing and making instant coffee with a banana.

I then headed out shopping. I walked a few blocks to the pharmacy on the corner, closed. I then used maps to discover a CVS just around the corner. I got a cart and wandered the claustrophobic aisles of the store. I picked items from my list; I still missed a few things and tried to get a prescription refilled.

The gal told me they could not even begin to refill it until next week. Apparently, the pharmacy is “buried” (the clerk’s word) and could not help.

Next, I stop by a local market and pick up one more item and start to walk back. Finally, I stopped by the closest corner market and there purchased bread and milk.

I have some allergy issues, and that takes about an hour to fix at the apartment.

I then try RiteAid’s website to refill my prescription. Unfortunately, the website locks up on searching for a location (not using my local location as a base). I tried a few times. Finally, I search and find the closest RiteAid (about half a mile away) and use the phone to request a refill, just like I do in Oregon. Works. I will pick up the script on Sunday. If that works, I will do all the rest.

Late, I took the 1 train subway to the Mount Sinai West area and walked the required two blocks. Then, after passing the safety and security process, always the same but very detailed, I headed to Susie, nearly going to the tenth floor when she is on 3g room 50A now.

The new room is more cramped than before and has two people in it. When I got there, the room was abuzz with energy. I was told I needed to fill out paperwork by Susie. The nurse, who explained to me that she is not referred to as “nurse” but “Anne Oakley,” has a pile of things for me to sign and cover. The PT people then piled into the room with the doctor. The doctor introduced himself in my left ear while Anne O was having me read and sign in the left. I also wrote my address (the apartment) and my phone and the fact there are no stairs in the building that Susie would need to use. I handed the note to Julia, the PT gal.

No more lying around for Susie. They had her up, before I was there, doing stairs and walking. They are making initial evaluations and plans to improve her walking, habits, and even speech to be the best they could get. So Julia explained to me once all the hubbub was over.

Susie was sat in a chair and soon had lunch. The dietitian came and was delighted to meet a retired registered dietitian, Susie. Susie has to call to use the ladies’ room; this too is to head back to more normal practices.

At 3ish, I slipped out after enabling a few Facetime calls for Susie. Susie’s sister, Barb, and her mother all spent some time with Susie on the phone. I have her hold the phone and talk now; time to use her hand again.

It was Greek Kitchen for me again, I am an accidental regular, and they asked me about Susie and how my unplanned residency is going. I had their Mediterranian Salad, and I posted on a pic on Facebook. My friend back in Michigan, Eric “Elric” Anderson, described it on Facebook as a pizza without the crust.

Natasha still has a sore throat, so our Saturday evening plans of playing board games in NYC were put off until next weekend. Kat and I then thought the 007 movie a good alternative. After some finagling, we got seats at a  5:15 standard screen showing (the IMAX was sold out except for the neck crushing the first row).

I left Susie in Anne O’s hands. She sits on a chair in the hallway with a terminal to hear all the goings-on in the rooms she is responsible for. Anne jumps out of her chair and heads to any room in a moment when she thinks something is wrong.

I took the 1 train up to 66th Street and got lost. I spent 30 minutes trying to find the movie house, a vast AMC theater. But, everything is enormous and tall in NYC. Finally, after retracing my steps, I learned it I had looked right at it and turned away from it!

I found the Apple store (AMC theater is across the street). I stepped in just to say I have been there. I think my M1 Apple laptop purred when I went in.

Kat found me, and we watched the show together, having to show vaxed cards and ID to enter. It was not a crowded theater, and once the movie started, lots of folks changed seats to get a better look and to spread out more.

The 007 movie was OK for this stuff. It is also very long and thus can spend time on plot items and some character-building items. James even meets a gal, fights a great fight, and then leaves with just having a drink with her. She says something like, next time maybe you can stay longer. That is the first hour.

I thought the next hour and a half was OK. The story is built and executed; it is a bit complex, as are the characters. I would say it was a good movie. Maybe great for 007. It was the second new Bond movie I liked (Daniel Craigs first and this movie being the best).

Dinner was at DIG nearby. It was raining by then, and Kat and I, being from Oregon, just sort of ignored the rain. The food there is a bowl, and you pick the items. I told them to just make me something they liked. It was good with Kat having only roasted veggies. It was tasty.

Kat and I split up at the subway station. I took the 1 train back to 104th street and walked back in the rain.

I managed to sleep a bit better.

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