Sabbatical Day 16: Resting a Bit

I slept into just before 8ish and started the sunny but cold day with some fruit and instant coffee. I also wrote the blog for Saturday this morning. I was finally headed out just before ten. I stopped by Dunken Donuts. The line was wrapped in the store, and the wait was twenty minutes as their staff is too small, like everywhere, so we had to wait. The Internet orders were pouring in for breakfast sandwiches and coffee. We who came to the store had to wait. I loaded the Dunkin Donut app on my iPhone while waiting and almost ordered while in line, but I thought that was too rude and waited instead.

Next, I was off to the 1 train in the subway and then a short walk to Mount Sinai West. The security folks recognized me now, even with the mask, and they asked about Susie and how long I would be in the area. Again, an accidental resident.

Susie was not in her room as she was in PT. So I got a chair from Anne Oakley, the nurse for the area, and waited. Finally, Susie was walking with a walker down the hallway. I presented her with the donut holes (I decided on those as they are easier to eat).

I stayed through Susie’s lunch and sent the clam chowder back; it could have a fish base, as it could make Susie ill. I also removed the onions and tomatoes from her roast beef sandwich. She ate it open face anyway.

We used Facetime to chat with Barb, Susie’s sister, and Susie’s mom. Susie had more PT at 2, so I skedaddled. I had to find a prescription at a RiteAid off of Columbia, and I wanted to stop by Zabar’s for lunch and get something for dinner. I also checked out the library (closed for Covid). I meant to find the central library (nope)–I will get the address and try again on Monday.

While I was acquiring a bagel, I was reminded that our church group was meeting on Zoom. I managed to connect with them while eating lunch on a table off of 79th and Amsterdam. They were happy to hear that things were going better and that Susie was improving.

I then walked to the subway and popped up two stops to find the RiteAid. Finally, I picked up my script and carried all my supplies and stuff uphill. Somehow I managed to walk up the hill twice. After that, I was tired and unpacked and read a bit.

I managed to get started again, make dinner, and watch an old Doctor Who on HBO MAX online. I learned how to make the oven work and got a bagel toasted in the oven.

Called some folks to chat and watched the Sunset towards New Jersey. You can hear the chimes with the window open a bit.

I think I can stop there. Thanks for reading.

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