Story 5May2022: Thursday

Today started with me getting going at 6:15 and reading email, and having a breakfast of just coffee. I am out of bananas, and I forgot to make chia seed pudding for breakfast last night. I will try to have that ready for Friday.

I got an email for one of the mandatory classes at work and decided to finish at home. It took about 30-45 minutes to complete. It is the corporate ethics and law course that is required every year.

I cleaned up after the class and made it to my office before nine. I got a coffee there, and there were enough leftover bagels from yesterday, so I managed a simple breakfast. After that, I discovered another mandatory class, and I took that one too.

Next, I slipped out and drove to Allegiance Senior Care, an adult foster care home at 9925 SW 82nd. Ave., Portland, Oregon 97223. I brought a check to cover the rest of May for Susie to live there. There I surprised Jenifer, who lives there and runs cares for the residents, and gave her the check. I also checked out Susie’s room which is still mostly empty. I will bring some blankets, pillows, and familiar items for Susie so she will feel more at home there. The facility is only 15 minutes away from my office and about twenty minutes, depending on traffic from the Volvo Cave.

After that, I returned to the office. I had a few work meetings and a free lunch. Nike is buying us lunch as a treat for coming back to the office. There are two food trucks in the parking lot. Today it was drizzling, but the Korean and Mexican Fusion truck had a long wait. My chicken with kimchee burrito was a 15 minutes wait. It was wonderful.

I read some more information on the upcoming upgrades, and then we had some more meetings. Leadership for our project is changing again.

I slipped out at 3PM to Forest Grove. I took the Sunset Highway, 26, headed west. I connect by back roads to the facility, but instead of going directly there, I stopped at the Pink Spoon first and got three cups of gelato for Susie, Terry (Susie’s roommate), and myself. I also bought some bagged movie-style popcorn for Saturday. These I brought back with me.

Susie and Terry had ice cream before dinner. I fed Susie while getting some for myself. Susie was in bed as both she and Terry had a workout in the gym earlier, and according to Terry, Susie stood for an extended time. Wonderful!


I had to return home and connect back to Nike. There are meetings after 6PM to match China’s Friday morning. I soon was back home and resting for 45 minutes. I can be utterly asleep in ten minutes and wake back up in thirty minutes. With the rest, I was able to start dinner and watch the Nike email and then the late meeting. Pork chops from Schwann’s again. I made corn, also from Schwann’s, and mac and cheese this time. I am going with Glenda’s suggestion to eat the food we have.

After dinner, I decided to see the new Doctor Strange movie. I loved the movie, I paid for the 3D version–excellent. It was never predictable and was more complex emotionally than I expected. Recommended! I was not expecting Bruce Cambell in the movie! There were other surprises too, but no more spoilers.

I put out the trash and recycling, again following Glenda’s suggestions on recycling.

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